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Dee Casanova - FULL HD Download Only

Product SKU: DECA | Producer: Synetech Video Co.

Running Time: 89 minutes | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MP4

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This title is available for EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD ONLY - DVD or Blu-ray is not available for this title.

Going to a nightclub is fun, but it’s even more fun if you take along a naked girl.  Everyone loves it, and the naked girl gets to be the centre of a lot of admiring attention.  

Dee had lots of fun at New Casanova.  She posed on the bar and in the vivid party lights.  She danced with a tall handsome guy and his cuddly friend, and chatted with many of the girls in her limited Spanish.  Some of the girls around her were really pretty themselves.  It was a real party night, and Dee really enjoyed being totally exposed for everyone to see! 

As a bonus, this video contains the footage of Terry at Total Inferno.  This footage is also in the video of Tereza At Total Inferno plus Gwen And Arjelina Naked Fun. 

Terry loved her visit to Total Inferno.  There were a lot of young and reckless people there, and she enjoyed dancing and playing with them, and posing for lots of photographs.  One guy even picked her up for a photo!  




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