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Moving Freely 3

Product SKU: MF3 | Producer: Synetech Video Co.

Running Time: 75 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | 4K UHD Download: 16:9, 3840 x 2176, MP4

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The video starts with Taya and Yulia arriving in Leipzig and taking a moment to sit and reflect on a fountain before embarking on their nude journey. As they walk through the streets, they exude a youthful energy that draws the attention of people around them, who seem to be enamored by their presence.

Next Taya and Yulia arrive at a horse farm on a beautiful spring day. They prepare the horses for a ride and adorn themselves with flower wreaths. The girls engage in horse riding exercises and take a ride through the forest, bonding with the horses and enjoying the scenery.

Taya and Yulia are positioned between clear plastic stripes hanging from the ceiling, which create a unique and visually striking effect. The girls dance gracefully as colorful lights shine on them from different directions, casting an array of vibrant hues on their naked figures.

Dasha, Taya, and Yulia clean their garden on a sunny spring day while the sun shines on their bodies, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. They rake leaves and then relax on the lawn, chatting and laughing.

Finally our girls play with bubbles on a sunny evening rooftop. They use bubble makers and a bubble machine, creating a playful and carefree atmosphere. The girls experiment with different techniques and have fun together, showcasing the joys of simple pleasures.



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Moving Freely 3
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