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Summer Pleasures 2

Product SKU: SP2 | Producer: Synetech Video Co.

Running Time: 71 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | 4K UHD Download: 16:9, 3840 x 2176, MP4

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Join nude Taya and Yulia on a leisurely stroll through the park on a vibrant summer day. The lush green grass beneath their feet sets the stage for a picturesque adventure. As they wander, a colorful parade of cyclists adds an energetic touch. People relax under trees, casting admiring glances at the duo. The serene lake with gliding ducks serves as a tranquil backdrop. Caught up in the park's spirit, the girls try roller skates, blending seamlessly with the diverse crowd. Witness their integration into the vibrant tapestry, a celebration of summer's beauty. Join them in this idyllic adventure, leaving an indelible mark on a day filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Taya and Yulia in a delightful baking adventure! They gather ingredients, head outside to a big table in the sunshine, and work their magic. Sit with them on the porch, enjoying a beautiful sunny day as the duo crafts a delicious masterpiece. The finished cake not only looks wonderful but promises a taste of summer sweetness. Indulge in the joy of baking and the scrumptious results in this sun-kissed treat, captured in every frame.

Taya and Yulia team up to boost our friend's horse haven! Hitched to a four-wheeler with a roller, they expertly smooth the riding arena sand, creating a perfect terrain for equestrian joy. Watch the girls roll in the improvements, turning the arena into a horse paradise!


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Summer Pleasures 2
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