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Happy Sports

Product SKU: HASP | Producer: Synetech Video Co.

Running Time: 87 minutes | TV System: PAL, NTSC, region free | FULL HD Download: 16:9, 1920x1080, MP4

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Everyone loves sport, and sport makes us happy,  especially when we can watch naked girls playing sport.  So here’s a collection of beautiful naked girls trying out sports of many kinds.

Eva and Lucie begin with a fun run down a narrow natural groove in the ground which we call The Tunnel.  It opens out to green fields where Eva and Lucie could spin each other around, do star jumps, exercise bend-overs, and then run again gathering flowers in a field.

Katy and Dalia tried out all sorts of indoor sports.  They had a go at table tennis, which they found challenging, and the windmill exercise, which was more challenging still.  Katy did a yoga pose, and then they both had a happy bout with the punching bag.  They played naked hockey, and their own special version of pool which was the most fun of all to watch.

Hanna and I visited beautiful Naxos, a Greek island, where we went for a drive around the island to Aliko Beach.  Hanna enjoyed swimming in the clear waters, and did yoga poses on the headland, including an amazing hand-stand with legs level.

Dominika came to visit me in Byron Bay, and we set up a water slide on the slope behind my house.  Dominika loved it and did all sorts of slides with the help of dish soap and a good flow of hose water.

Beautiful Bailey went naked for the whole weekend, despite freezing cold (it was November).  She went naked with us to the local bowling alley and restaurant, where she had a meal and then bowled with three girls she met that evening.  She was quite good and very popular, and rounded out our happy sports with a great evening of naked fun.

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